IPC 7711/7721 Training & Certification

The IPC 7711/7721 Training & Certification is based on the IPC 7711/7721 Standard which covers procedures for repairing and reworking printed board assemblies.

The IPC-7711/7721 is the electronic industry’s standard for the guidelines on removing and replacing electronic components and repairing circuitry, wether for surface mount rework and repair or for conventioneel boards. It is designed to provide hands-on instruction and training on specific modules in the IPC rework, repair and modification guide. Students must rework, repair and modify acceptable workmanship samples.

The IPC 7711/7721 training is aimed at anyone responsible for the rework, repair or modification of assembled PCBs, such as:

  • Repair engineers
  • Rework operators
  • Production Staff
  • Anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of products leaving the company

Attendees must be experienced solderers.

The IPC-7711 is designed for soldered assembly rework– restoring PCB assemblies to their original drawings.
The IPC-7721 is designed for board repair– restoring a board’s functional capability.

For those seeking certification in just Component Rework (IPC-7711) or just Board Repair (IPC-7721), these course modules may be taken individually. Please call for details.

The purpose of the IPC 7711/7721 training course is to put forth the procedures, tools, materials, and step-by-step methods which have been proven through industry use and testing to result in a finished product which is acceptable to the appropriate class of product.

The methods in this document can be used on any type of electronic equipment. Most of the content is structured around the Class 1, 2, and 3 products, but even if an assembly is not classified by the customer under an IPC classification, the procedures are viable to use on any electronic assembly.

On site training

If you are looking at training several people and a way to reduce the time out of the office, travel and addition expense of sending people to a class, then On-Site Training may be for you.

ETECH Training offers all training course either at our Training Centers or On-Site at your facility. Please Contact our Business Support Team for details on student quantity and material discounts.

If you have 4 or more attendees or you would like to host an open enrollment class in your area/country, please Contact our Business Support Team for your personal discount.

What you’ll learn

  • Product classifications, skill levels, tools and materials
  • Basic surface mount and through hole component removal
  • Land preparation and component installation
    Primary heating methods: conductive, convective and others
  • Handling electronic assemblies
  • Wire splicing procedures
  • Through hole component removal and installation
  • Chip and MELF rework procedures
  • SOIC/SOT, J-lead and QFP rework
  • Printed wiring board circuit and laminate repair
  • Conformal coating removal

Validity of the Certificate

The certification term for all IPC programs are 2 years. The certification term begins on the date a candidate successfully completes all the program’s minimum certification requirements.
Certifications only reflect the expiration month and year. Certifications expire the last day of the expiration month, regardless of the day of the month the certification was granted.

Certification Renewal Period

All certification renewals may only occur within six calendar months prior to the expiration of an existing certification. When a Certificant renews their certification within 6 months of the certification expiration date, the renewed certification will be valid for an additional 2 years from the expiration date of their currently held certification.
If you would like to recertify there are two routes available for you:

  • Recertification course 
  • Challenge Test (Exam only)
All retests follow the same policies and procedures as initial certification testing, including the cool down period after failures.

Certification Levels

What certification level do you want to achieve working in the electronics industry? IPC currently provides three levels of certification to the IPC Standards for individuals working in the electronics industry. Depending on your experience within the industry, you can become certified as a Certified Standards Expert (CSE), a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT), or as a Certified IPC Specialist (CIS).
Choosing the right level of certification for you is important.

IPC 7711/7721 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)
CIS training and certification is appropriate for any individual that will benefit by having a consistent understanding of the criteria in a standard. Line operators, engineers, quality engineers will find this training and certification beneficial for their knowledge in the electronics industry.

IPC 7711/7721 Certified Standards Expert (CSE)
The Certified Standards Expert (CSE) is a subject matter professional with a high level of knowledge and understanding of a specific IPC standard or group of standards but doesn’t train students or teach IPC classes.

IPC 7711/7721 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT)
Certified IPC Trainer Programs are intended for those who wish to become certified as instructors in different IPC specifications for the electronic assembly industry. CITs may be employees of companies that train only within their parent company.